how to take screenshot in samsung galaxy m31
how to take a screenshot in Samsung m31 prime edition

Hello there, i am sourav dagar . in today’s article, I’ll show you How To Take a Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31.
Want to learn how to take screenshot in samsung m31 with or without power button? In this article, we’ll explain what to do step by step.

we have 4 method to take sceenshot in samsung m31.

how to take screenshot in Samsung m31 using hardware keys

how to take screenshot in samsung m31 using key combination
How do you take a screenshot on a 3 finger Samsung M31?

This is very simple.

Press one of the volume buttons & the power button together. Or enable 3 finger screenshot in the settings (If it is turned on then you could swipe down your 3 fingers on the screen to take a screenshot).

How do you take a palm swipe screenshot?

A Second Method for Taking Screenshots is set to release. Some phones come taking place later the money for leave to enter you to declare you will a screenshot without all along with a button; all you have to be lithe is set it up.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 has several gestures that may be used to reach common actions. Palm

How To Take Screenshot On Samsung M31 Using Palm Swipe Features?
Palm swipe to capture screenshot in galaxy m31

swiping to snap a screenshot is one of these gestures. By default, this gesture is enabled. However, if you longing to be certain, yield to the happenings outlined below.

➼Go to Settings->Advanced Features->Motions and gestures to get started.
Swipe the switch to the right to enable Palm swipe to capture.

To admit a screenshot, become accustomed to the screen and the content you objective to take over.
Slide your palm across the M31s screen by placing the edge of your palm upon the edge of the screen. This can be ended in either a left-to-right or a right-to-left dealing out.
The screen will flash and shrink, indicating that the screenshot has been taken.

How To Take a Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy M31 Using Your Voice?


How To Take a Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy M31 Using Your Voice?


Google Assistant is now understandable not far away and wide off from all Android phones, allowing you to snap screenshots along with an easy voice command. OK Google, reach an agreement a screenshot, which will take over a screenshot of anything currently upon your screen.

You may moreover add together commands and publicize concerning, Ok Google, consent a screenshot and toting happening it harshly Facebook and Twitter.

For that, you quirk to enable the Google Assistant feature as regards your Samsung Galaxy M31


How To Take Screenshot using the assistive touch menu?

How To Take Screenshot using the assistive touch menu in android

Scroll snapshot allows you to take control of a screenshot that is longer than the phone’s display. To obtain this,

Configure the screen and content to your uncharacteristic.
Use your palm, buttons, or the assistive menu to admit a screenshot.
Tap the scrolling occupy button gone the tool strip appears. It will scroll to the neighboring page and taking again a screenshot of the screen. Until you achieve the subside of the screen, all period you hit the button, it adds more length to the screenshot.


How to Take Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy M31 Using Application?

If you hope to use the app to resign yourself to a screenshot, follow these steps.

1-Go to google pretend append search for a screenshot app select the one you choose
2-Then entre the app and access admission now you can commencement taking a screenshot

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