I am weak in math can i do mba

If weak in mathematics means, you cannot get easy helper subtractions and percentage calculations, later utterly, I don’t direct you going for an MBA. Why MBA, you shouldn’t be keep amused any course. You dependence fundamental bargain of mathematics in all walks of liveliness. In fact, I was told by a medical professor that the major revolution in Indian medical education is not including mathematics including calculus, in our medical graduation program. Referring toA MBa, you don’t dependence well along level mathematics, but basics are intensely much valuable. There are subjects later than Statistics and Operations Research, where you do have to think mathematically, but that in addition to mostly depends upon basic mathematics and it’s application unaccompanied. As any dispensation graduate has to use some amount of calculations in his daylight to daylight and professional energy, my recommendation is to put supplementary efforts to reach familiarised once applicable mathematical phenomenon and produce confidence. Remember, if you malleability to a unconditional decision, nothing is impossible.I am weak in math can i do mba


  •  There are always options available. Like Marketing or HR. Say for marketing the scopes are very widen in it. You can go for Digital Marketing, Research Marketing, Brand Management, Communication Management, etc
  • Secondly, you can appearance for the new areas of MBA you can select where the scope of maths is not that unventilate

People also ask

Which MBA has less maths

There is no subject in MBA without mathematics except the languages we learn. At-least you should dependence to know the basic formulas of mathematics to make a get pure relatives of of easy calculations. However there are some subjects taking into accountinternational management and human resource management with less usage of mathematics.

I am weak in maths can I crack CAT

Yes, the entire you could postponement the CAT provided you save the lecture to maths, add happening it save practising logical reasoning, and English grammar, etc.

can i do mba without maths

No, maths is not required in 12th/graduation to be eligible for MBa This is because, To be eligible for MBA you just compulsion to have graduation degree in any discipline it doesn’t adjust whether you have studied maths in 12th/graduation or not


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